Dear StopBullying.Gov, I completely understand the intent of your commercials in bringing to light the issue of bullying. However, these “real life bullying” commercials may have some unintended consequences. As someone who was bullied growing up, every time these commercials pop up, they do nothing but bring back long buried memories that I’ve tried my… Read More

Seems like every 6 weeks or so, we get a new posting that “today is the day Marty McFly arrives from the past” with some doctored photo. For the last time… no, it isn’t, that is unless you’re reading this on October 21, 2015. The Back To the Future series is one of my all-time… Read More

In the light of the most recent horrible incidents, of which Sandy Hook is the current focus, momentum has been increasing in regards to more gun legislation, especially in regards to more background checks. This has some groups calling foul as it (further) restricts our Second Amendment rights. Let’s review that wording: A well regulated… Read More