If you’re looking to change how your WordPress SSL is working, such as forcing encrypting the admin and login pages and beyond, I found this useful. WordPress SSL Setup and Tricks | A Complete WordPress SSL Guide.… Read More

We’ve gotten into an age in which people try to make two completely unrelated items somehow have meaning together.  In that vain, Spurious Correlations does compare trends between unrelated items all in good fun.  However, you can’t argue with the numbers, it does seem margarine is bad for marriage. Divorce rate in Maine correlates with… Read More

One nice thing about the old Microsoft Communicator was that you could “go offline” without really shutting down.  That option doesn’t seem readily available in the new Lync.  However, some research found it is possible via the two methods below. Note: The reg key listed below may not actually exist already as I discovered.  Manually… Read More

I’m going to call it now:  Within the next two cycles (I’m really thinking this year), Apple will drop the numbering convention for the iPhone.  Seeing as the 5S is really the 7th phone and they’ve already dropped the numbering for the iPod and iPad line, it makes sense.  They will probably keep the “C”… Read More

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) styles are most commonly applied to elements (paragraphs, links, images, etc.) within a web page by one of two ways: either through ID selectors or class selectors. For example: <div id=”id-selector”>style applied with ID<div> <div class=”class-selector”>style applied with class<div> When first learning to use CSS I think it can be confusing… Read More

Gee, who know it was that simple? The Finder’s search bar is an integral part of my workflow. I am constantly using it to search the contents of files within various folders. However, typing into this bar always searches the entire machine by default. In order to make it search just one folder, I have… Read More

Google Voice doesn’t allow two separate numbers to be forwarded to a “mobile” number. Here is a work-around for all those people who have multiple Google Voice accounts that you need to answer on one smartphone. via How To: Two Google Voice Accounts On One Smartphone.… Read More

My issue was the “1015” and this fixed it. If you updated your iPhone 3G to iOS4, you probably noticed how slow it has become.  Simple tasks such as dialing out and taking pictures have become painfully slow but this can be fixed by downgrading back to 3.1.3!  Also, if you keep getting error 1015… Read More