Apparently, there isn’t a way to have Safari ask where you want to save your files.  A creative workaround was discovered at .  I’ve included it below with one minor revision: Open the Automator tool (you don’t have to know any code to use it). Create a new “Folder Action” type document. Assign the… Read More

Interesting watching someone who has been exposed to a slice of fame see what they do with it.  In this case, feeling so… uh.. emboldened to make commentary at (IMHO) the most inopportune time on Facebook.  The resulting feedback has been quite interesting to watch.… Read More

Interesting article on talking about the possibility of Faster Than Light (FTL) travel as depicted in Star Trek.  From the article: In fact, scientists at NASA are right now working on the first practical field test toward proving the possibility of warp drives and faster-than-light travel. The article also notes that the newest theories have been… Read More

Apparently, the pictures you take with the App Snapchat don’t really disappear like the service claims.  At least on the Android that is. Takeaway:  Those pictures that you think are gone aren’t an can be retrieved and used against you either socially or legally. You can see the full story at The Gist.… Read More

HTC used to be one of the darlings of the cell phone manufacturers.  Not too long ago, they were one of “the” phones to have.   However, with the rivalry between Apple and Samsung heating up, HTC, along with others, was left behind. Facebook, who was slow really embrace mobile, needed a bit of catching up… Read More

Need a place to look for images released under Creative Commons (that is, you can reuse them without worrying about copyright), check this link out at Flickr:… Read More

If you want two instances of Firefox running, say one for your  normal browsing and the other to host “web applications” such as Hoot Suite, or your blog open all the time and pinned to a desktop/space, this will work. First: commands for opening up another running instance of FireFox from the command line (The… Read More

We knew it was coming, but if finally happened.  Just got a message pop up on my TweetDeck that FB integration has been removed. So, therefore, I’m removing TweetDeck from my use and moving to HootSuite.… Read More