So here are the various Super Friends intros from 1973 – 1985 (though the last one is technically just Superman. Something very interesting to notice while watching the progression of the intros. The heroes start off as mostly one ethnicity and then “suddenly” seem to get quite diverse.  It would be interesting to know what… Read More

The One Earth message contains another significant difference from the earlier Voyager project: While a team of six created the iconic Golden Record over the course of six weeks, the New Horizons craft will carry messages assembled by people from around the world. What’s also cool, thanks to current technology: Unlike previous records, the information… Read More

We’ve gotten into an age in which people try to make two completely unrelated items somehow have meaning together.  In that vain, Spurious Correlations does compare trends between unrelated items all in good fun.  However, you can’t argue with the numbers, it does seem margarine is bad for marriage. Divorce rate in Maine correlates with… Read More

That a high-concept, fast-talking farce based on a board game was a box office bomb in 1985 is no huge mystery. But figuring out how it became an enduring favorite is a Hollywood whodunit for the ages. (The prime suspect: you, in the living room, with the remote control.) via “Something Terrible Has Happened Here”:… Read More

So… the Russian boycott is having an effect. The non-Russia Stoli is upping their (already established) relationship with the LGBT community and awareness has been raised about the issues. Russia and the Russian controlled Stoli have seen the error of their… um… no. Guess it’s a glass-half full. It really depends on what your goal… Read More