I’ve been a fan of Scott Bakula since Quantum Leap.  He was a great choice as Captain Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise.  I’m liking him on NCIS: New Orleans, but that overly drawn Louisiana / Southern accent is getting a bit much.… Read More

Saw a commercial this morning for the latest Nintendo “Zelda” Game. Now I don’t know what’s worse: The fact I have the theme song stuck in my head or that it’s the original NES/8-bit one that keeps playing over and over up there.… Read More

The Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain—standing proud in this image—was designed to be a striking symbol of hope and prosperity, to signal to the rest of the world that the city was escaping the financial crisis. Sadly, the builders forgot to include a working elevator. Oopsie… via The Builders of This Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the… Read More

End users can edit the properties of their bookmark to alleviate the 404 Not Found problem. In your browser bookmarks folder or on the bookmark bar, right-click the Press This bookmark, select Edit or Properties, and then change this: u=‘+e(l.href)+‘ to this: u=’+e(l.href.replace(///g,’\/’))+’ via Press This « WordPress Codex.… Read More

Just one of those useful tips: Show User ~/Library in OS X Lion & Mountain Lion Launch Terminal from Spotlight or Launchpad -> Utilities, and enter the following command to show or hide the directory: chflags nohidden ~/Library/ The users Library folder will immediately become visible again. Reverting this back to the standard Lion setting… Read More

Interesting watching someone who has been exposed to a slice of fame see what they do with it.  In this case, feeling so… uh.. emboldened to make commentary at (IMHO) the most inopportune time on Facebook.  The resulting feedback has been quite interesting to watch.… Read More