#5 is especially oh so true for me.  I don’t have any problems getting up in front of a large crowd to give a presentation, etc.  However, afterwards, I usually need to get away to recharge and decompress. Things You Should Know About Introverts | Playfully Tacky.… Read More

So… the Russian boycott is having an effect. The non-Russia Stoli is upping their (already established) relationship with the LGBT community and awareness has been raised about the issues. Russia and the Russian controlled Stoli have seen the error of their… um… no. Guess it’s a glass-half full. It really depends on what your goal… Read More

Heard about the latest scandals about sexual assault in the military? Here’s something interesting : According to an interview (TODAY show, May 23, 2013) with Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) , “More than half of these sexual assaults and rapes are committed against men, more than 50%” . Not that this makes a difference: assault is assault… Read More

Friend posted this on Facebook from Upworthy.  Asks the very simple question to passers by: [quote style=”1″]When did you choose to be straight?[/quote]. The lightbulbs that went off were interesting to say the least.  … Read More

Last night, Delaware became the 11th state to legalize gay marriage.  By the end of the weekend, we may have Minnesota.  I think we’re seeing a true example of the Domino Theory at work.… Read More