So a bit of background about me may help, but where do I begin?

I began from a very conservative background and a conservative family.  Oddly, however, in looking at my extended family, I think my parents were the “least” conservative.  Now, that still means very conservative by most standards, but it does make a difference.

I’m currently residing in Dallas, Texas and have been in a 12 and half year journey that still boggles me.  It’s a journey that has both reenforced who I am at the foundation but has also let me know that my mind should always be opened to possibilities. It’s a recurring theme that will probably show up in many of my posts and observations.  I guess in a way it keeps me grounded and yet “looking up”.

My College Degree is in Computer Science, so I am partially a geek.  However sometimes I wish I had also minored in at least Business as that realm is always intriguing me.  I have shifted my career from purely tech to more of applied technology in the role of professional services in how organizations can use technology to meet their objectives.  However, this head led me to working from home a bit.  In order to have “something” in the background, I have CNBC on more and more.  I tell you the stock market is the best reality show out there.

I do admit I have an addiction: to pretty much everything that has an Apple logo on it.  Anything that has an “i” in front of it, I’ve probably owned several versions: iPod (Shuffle, Nano, Mini, Touch), iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4GS, 5), iPad (1, 2, 3), iMac… and don’t forget the Apple TV.  You’ll probably see a few posts about that.  I’ve not always been an Apple guy:  I started out with many things before coming to Apple.  I knew Windows left right and sideways as I implemented many Windows based networks.  Before that I was even Linux/Unix which may seem old school, but when you consider that Android and iOS/MacOS are based on those, it’s quite ironic.

There’s plenty more, but that will probably come out in due time.




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