Heard about the latest scandals about sexual assault in the military? Here’s something interesting :

According to an interview (TODAY show, May 23, 2013) with Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) ,

“More than half of these sexual assaults and rapes are committed against men, more than 50%” .

Not that this makes a difference: assault is assault and everyone should be protected and everyone that commits them should be held to the utmost accountability.

However, when you weigh that to the stat that of the 26,000 assaults committed last year (as determined by anon survey) only 4,000 were formally reported, the picture starts getting a bit clearer.

Right now, if something happens, the victim has to report it directly up the chain of command. That, in any situation, can be quite daunting and itself may cause people to refrain from raising the red flag.

There is a push in Congress to change the reporting requirements to allow the victim to speak directly to a military prosecutor and not the direct chain of command.

Maybe this is something that we can find the right amount of Reps and Senators to actually agree on together?

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