My favorite quote from the article: “Space travel is complex, but this choice is simple: Do we invest in ourselves — in our businesses, our ingenuity, our people — or do we choose instead to send our tax-dollars to Russia?” Source: NASA Chief to Congress: ‘Don’t Make Us Hitch Rides With Russia’ – NBC News… Read More

Nichols, Star Trek’s beloved Uhura and a longtime NASA ambassador and recruiter, said in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview last Thursday that she will be aboard NASA’s SOFIA space telescope when it blasts off in September. Source: Star Trek Nichols To Blast Off Into Space… Read More

Posting it here because it took me forever to find the solution.  And it worked.  Once I did this, it stopped insisting my username/password was wrong and I haven’t had any issues since. not sure why this solution is not being spread around more. But to fix this issue, what you have to do it… Read More

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a bit… ok… a lot of a geek.  One of the coolest apps available for MacOS is Fluid.  This basically allows you to turn any website into a mini-app.  Great especially if there are websites you visit for either personal or even business use on a constant basis.  Instead of having… Read More

So a would-be robber wearing a fedora was basically ignored by all of those around him.  Maybe he should have worn a RedHat? (if you get that joke, you’re officially a nerd) A man with a gun failed to rob a store because no one took his fedora seriously. | Dumb Crime | Happy Place.… Read More